Popular Cat Names

A lot can be said about picking a name for your cat.

Some names are more “quintessentially cat” than others and on their own conjure up an image of a cat in our minds. Those names in turn tend to be the most popular and widely used throughout the world. Look in every country and you are almost guaranteed to find a cat named Oscar purring away on someones lap.

Lord Meowington

So what are the most popular cat names?

We’ve compiled this list through extensive research through the world of cat and have asked our own for input. If you can think of a name you believe deserves to be on the list please leave it in the comments below.


Most Popular Male Cat Names Most Popular Male Cat Names
Max Chloe
Oscar Misty
Smokey Lucy
Oliver Milly
Simba Nala
Charlie Sophie
Bandit Kitty
Caesar Sasha
Leo Diva
Simon Mia
Whiskers Angel
Tiger Maggie
Buddy Princess
Sylvester Sassy
Rusty Cleo
Tom Bella
Blackie Holly
Felix Rosie
Alfie Daisy
Button Bonnie


What’s your cats name? Is it on our list?


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