Hellooo dears and welcome to Freaky Friday. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. To get us all into the mood for the weekend we have yet another adorable but strange kitty-breed for you!


The Ocicat

Well don’t look so offended Mr. Ocicat!

Source: Pets On Lex NYC


If you’ve ever thought to yourself:  “I wanna Leopard!”,  or similar thoughts about big dangerous wildcats who look all fluffy and cuddly,  but you are not willing to risk your life and limbs to own one, then this is the breed for you. Ocicats have the beautiful spotted fur you would expect on a jungle beast but none of their DNA comes from wild cats, they are 100% domestic cat which means you can keep both your life and limbs (mostly).  These kitties are outgoing, friendly and sociable  and often said to be more like dogs than cats , this means that you can train them to do all sorts of things that a dog does, such as come, sit, walk on a leash and fetch. Perfect animal for those who aren’t sure if they’re more of a dog person or cat person! We love this breed and hope you do too because we’re about to bombard you with pictures of it….


Oreo and Shadow the Ocicats!

Source: Wikimedia Commons



Source: Wildtracks Cattery


Regal Jungle Beasties come to mind…

Source: All Pet Breeds


Wrarr! I am big bad jungle cat!

Source: Got Pets Online

Adorable!!! Australian Ocicat-kitties!

Source: Oz Cats



Source: Yesso Cats


And that concludes the Ocicat demonstration for now. I hope you enjoyed Freaky Friday and now…ONWARDS TO THE WEEKEND!!!!

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