So this is the second time we do Freaky Friday. As we mentioned in our first Freaky Friday Post this is going to be a little educational tradition where we will find an odd-looking cat breed and learn about it. Of course there will also be pictures of the adorable little weirdos! :)

This weeks Freaky Friday is all about the Cornish Rex!



Source: I Wanna Pet


The Cornish Rex, originates, as the name implies in Cornwall,England. This adorable cat would be a good option for people who have allergies or don’t like a lot of hair but are still a bit freaked out by completely hairless cats.  The Cornish Rex only has their undercoat which is a downy layer of hair, their coat is very fine and soft which makes them perfect for storaking….we would love to pet you Mr. Cornish Rex. They are active and playful cats who will keep their kittenish ways through their adult life so if you get one you’re sure to have a fun and playful partner in crime.  They come in all sorts of colors as you can see from these pictures.



Source: Cat Pictures and Information


Source: Cat Pictures and Information


We hope you’ve enjoyed this Freaky Friday…now ONWARDS TO THE WEEKEND!!!

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