Freaky Friday: Introducing the Scottish Fold Cat



In honour of that we have decided to start our own little tradition of Freaky Friday. We plan to use this day to educate you about and admire the many peculiar and strange-looking breeds of adoarable kitties out there! If you have a favorite one please post it here on Fridays and educate US! We love to learn! (And yes, of course, we love to look at cute cute cats!)

These lovely Furrballs look a lot like your average domestic cat, aside from their short little legs, which are adorable!

They are usually about 8-10 Ibs and will grow to be about medium sized cats.

A fun fact about those short legs is that they’re NOT a man-made trait but a natural mutation and it doesn’t really hinder them in running or climbing, although they are not great jumpers.

Munchkins are playful and affectionate and said to be good cats for homes with children.

…And frankly they are as cute as the name implies!


Image Source:  FindTheBest

Still don’t believe me?

Image Source: Xaxor

Just look at those eyes!

Image Source: CATS

You can’t tell me you wouldn’t adopt her in a heartbeat?! 😀

Image Source: Kate Cary

Now ONWARDS to the WEEK-END!!!!


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