Freaky Friday: Introducing the Scottish Fold Cat


These beautiful kitties have a natural dominant gene mutation that makes the cartilage in their ears have a fold in it.

However these adorable cats are not born with folded ears and some of them will have straight ears all their lives, the cats who end up with folded ears will begin to show the fold within about three weeks after they are born.

The cats can be either longhaired or short haird and come in pretty much any color a cat can naturally come in (so don’t expect glittery pinks or green and orange stripes.).

They are calm creatures and very adjustable so they make great houshold pets. They are even very likely to get along with any other pets you might have in the house.  They are loving and playful and just plain adorable. I mean…just look at this face!


Source: OLX



Source: Sarah Dea Photography

Source: Best Cat Breed


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