Cat World Records

Cats are amazing creatures and dazzle humans every day with their beauty and grace and have done so for centuries. They were adored by the ancient Egyptians and were believed to be the protectors of the underworld. Today many keep them in their homes as pets while others admire them from a far.

Some cats are more accomplished than others however and here is a list of a few world records held by cats:

The record for the loudest purr ever recorded by a domestic cat is held by a British cat named Smokey. His purr was measured at 67.7 dB.

The richest cat in the world is a cat named Blackie. Blackie was left $12.5-million when his owner died.

The oldest cat that ever lived was named Creme Puff and was 38 years and 3 days old when it died.

The oldest cat currently living is named Pinky. Pinky was born on October 31st 1989.

The longest tail ever recorded on a domestic cat measured 41.5 cm (16.34 in). The proud owner of this tail is a cat name  Mymains Stewart Gilligan or Stewie.

The record for longest domestic cat also belongs to Stewie as he measures out at 123 cm (48.5 in)

The heaviest cat ever recorded was Himmy from Cairns, Queensland. Himmy weighed 21.3kg (46.8lbs) and died at age 10 of respiratory failure.

The title of smallest cat in the world belongs to Mr Pebbles from central Illinois. He weights 3lbs and measures 6.1 inches in height.

The cat that is recorded to have had the most kittens is Dusty who in 1952 had given  birth to 420 kittens in her lifetime.

The oldest cat to be known to have kittens gave birth to two kittens at the age of 30. In total Kitty had 218 kittens in her lifetime.

The highest number of cats in one household ever recorded is 689

A cat named Andy supposedly holds the record for highest non-fatal fall having fallen 200 feet from the 16th floor and survived.

(These records are shared for fun, not every record can be sourced and/or verified.)

Image Source: maine coon cat nation


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